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About Us - Leh Ladakh

The capital of Ladakh, Leh is a beautiful destination. Quaint lanes, historical monasteries, magnificent views of the Himalayas and colorful markets make this place the exotic destination. Leh is the place where the adventure in Ladakh begins. Go trekking to the mountainous region of Ladakh, enjoy sports activities in high altitude arena or explore the archery contest where residents of LehLadakh compete in a contest which remains unchanged by time.

Whitewater rafting, mountaineering, and wildlife tours are the adventurous activities of LehLadakh India. Though the freezing temperature can give you chilly vibes, the smiles on the faces of residents will surely make your heart warm. Feel on top of the world while on a tour to LehLadakh. 

Chamba Temple

One place which is worth to visit is the Chamba Temple. It is not easy to find the one on your own, you may ask at the second row of the shops on the left after the big arch for the key keeper who will show you the way to the temple. 

Leh Fort

Constructed by Zorawar Singh,it consists of three temples, but one cannot visit because it is within the military area.


See towering mountains reach up to the clear blue sky. Hear the rhythmic chant of Buddhist monks in the ancient monastery where the time stands still. Explore the rushing waters of the icy river coming down from a glacial height. LehLadakh offers tours to Ladakh, the exotic region in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. From ancient old Buddhist monasteries to interesting adventure tours, LehLadakh has a lot to offer. Take a tour to the land that will amaze you with the stark beauty and delight you with the warmth of LehLadakhi people.

Buddhist monasteries

Sightseeing in LehLadakh region starts with a trip to these monasteries. Among all of them, Hemis monastery is the largest one in Ladakh with beautiful paintings of Lord Buddha. Another one is the Shey monastery with the gold-plated copper statue of Buddha. Lamayuru, Alchi, Stakana, Spituk, Sankar, Thikse, Likir, etc. are some of the other famous monasteries in Ladakh region.

Leh Palace

The palace counts among the most popular places to explore in LehLadakh. The palace which contains nine-storeys was constructed in the 17th century. However, because of the negligence, the palace now stands in ruins.

Adventurous sports

One of the major tourist attractions of Ladakh region is the adventure sports that it offers. Many opportunities are available in Ladakh for river rafting, trekking, cycling, mountain climbing, yak safari, camel safari, etc.


Ladakh is a home of many exotic wildlife species. Thriving on poor shelter, minimal vegetation, bitter cold and rocky terrains are the wild animals such as Churu, Snow Leopard, Yak, Bharal, Urial, Nyan, etc. Ladakh also has many migratory birds.

Leh Mosque

The mosque in the main bazaar is the architectural beauty. It is believed that the mosque was built on the land given by King DeldanNamgial, grandson of Muslim Queen of Ladakh.

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