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Suru Valley Leh Ladakh

Suru Valley - Leh Ladakh

It is the gateway to Zanskar Valley, Suru Valley is known as the lush green valley in Ladakh with beautiful snow-capped mountains. The valley is considered as the green one from the Himalayas because of the Suru River which flows to the valley and keeps it green surprisingly despite the altitude of 3000 m. The valley extends from the town of Kargil to Panikhar and then to the foot of Pensi La watershed where the Suru River takes place.

Its population of about 30,000-40,000 are mainly because of Tibeto-Darad descent who converted from Buddhism to Islam around the 16th century. One of the agricultural productive reasons all over the Ladakh, two crops are harvested in the region every year.

Some of the famous attractions include Kun and Nun Peaks, Suru River, Phokar rock carvings, Panikhar, Parkachik Glacier,and villages. With the spring arrival, the valley gets carpeted with mulberry, blooming apple as well as trees of apricot.

How to reach?

Suru Valley is situated in the far west of Ladakh which can be reached via Kargil. Some of the famous and major villages of Suru Valley include Panikhar, Sankoo,andParkachik. Many buses can be seen from Kargil every morning towards these villages.

You need to have your vehicle if you would like to travel beyond Parkachik. A weekly bus service links the area of Padum and Rangdum to each other. You can also get the lift from trucks which run between Padum and Kargil who offer list in the cabin at the amount of bus ticket.

Best time to visit the place

Winters in Suru Valley starts in November and ends in May when the temperature can drop as low as minus 30 degrees. Summer season in Suru Valley offers relief from harsh winters. The best time to visit the place is from June to September. 

Where to stay?

If talk about accommodation, the valley consists of tents and camps near the Monastery of Rangdum as well as Tourist Bungalows in J & K at several locations of Suru. Panikhar, Sankoo,andParakachik consist of the tourist bungalows which one can also book at the Tourist Reception Centre in Kargil. There are many homestays available in these villages. 

Reasons to visit Valley

If you like backpacking, Suru Valley is among the best places in the Himalayas for backpacking. Villages are connected by the public transport and the distance between the places are not much in Ladakh.

One will experience mountains everywhere and you can also view the lush greenery. Since the Valley is the gateway to Zanskar Valley, you may also travel to Zanskar Valley. 

Life in the Valley

In the Suru Valley while going deep, one will feel the sense of remoteness. You can experience the enigma of life getting tougher but also simple. Sankoo being close to Kargil had its benefits which reflected in their houses. Local bricks are used to make the houses and they have highly styled textures. Every house consists of the brightcolored window as well as door frames with little flower pots on windows.

Houses get simple when you go little down. Most of them are built of stones, just stacked one over the other.

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