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Wildlife Tour Packages Leh Ladakh

LehLadakh is considered as the place which is a home to most of the exotic animals and bird species roaming freely in the natural habitat. You can witness a huge variety of fauna and flora with wildlife tour to LehLadakh. It also consists of some rare and endangered species of animals. The Ladakh region with the unique ecosystem gives the wildlife opportunity and the photography lovers to view the rare and beautiful wildlife species with the striking background in snowy peaks.

The list of wild animals in the region is quite long which also include the endangered species. You’ll get to spot the Tibetan hare, Yaks, Bahral, wild ass, ibex, Marmot, the Tibetan antelope also known as Snow Leopard and Chiru, etc.

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LehLadakh is the home to more than 320 species of avifauna which are inclusive of the types such as Lamagier, Golden Eagle, Black Necked Crane, Rock Bunting, Himalayan Snowcock and others. LehLadakh wildlife tour packages let you explore various kinds of species and animals. 

The species of animals in LehLadakh have shown the excellent ecological adaptation and flourished at the altitude where men can breathe hardly. Because of the ecological specialization and their occurrence in the remote region of LehLadakh, visitors find the wildlife interesting. 

Though Ladakh possesses no natural forests but along the valleys and riverbanks some greenery does exist. The slopes lower in the mountains are sparse but higher up near the wild rose, snow line, herbaceous and willow plants have colonized the slopes successfully. This is called the alpine zone.

While wind, soil, exposure, and precipitation are essential in the arrangement of the life, the difference of temperature due to altitude is by far the essential factor. Take a wildlife tour to LehLadakh and experience the animals that you might have never seen before elsewhere. 

Species of animals in Ladakh

In the extremely harsh environment, the eyes would hardly see the evidence of wildlife. The animals regarding the rigorous conditions thrive on the poor shelter, minimal vegetation, bitter cold and rocky terrain.

Most of the creatures do migrate to the lower regions in the winter months while others like marmots and brown bear choose to hibernate. Ironically, most of the animals at this altitude suffer from mountain sickness because of less oxygen. Bird watchers, naturalists, and the wild animal spotters will be delighted to join the wildlife tour to LehLadakh. You can spot the unique fauna of the beautiful Himalayan area.

Snow leopard trekking in LehLadakh

With LehLadakh wildlife tour packages, observe the snow leopard during the month of October when the autumn ends to March in the early spring. Mating season is during the time of February/March. Places to get a look of Snow Leopard include Hemis National Park and the south side of Ladakh mountain range specifically, ullephu, neyphu and the hills of a skindyang village.

While looking for the Snow Leopard, there are also chances of spotting the wild animals such as the bharal, ibexes or blue sheep, urial sheep or any other predator such as Tibetan wolf, red fox or lynx.

Bird watching in LehLadakh

For the people who love watching birds, LehLadakh is the perfect destination to discover and birding is the joyful experience here. The Ladakh fauna has so much in common with central Asia generally. There is a great diversity of birds and more than 300 species are recorded. Most of them breed or resides at high altitude wetlands like Tso Moriri, lands of Indus Valley, from phey village till upshi.

The LehLadakh wildlife tour packages mainly include the species of robins, finches, hoppoe and redstarts which are also common to find in summers. With the bird spotting, you might also get the chance to spot the wild animals with it.

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