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Pangong Tso Leh Ladakh

Pangong Tso - Leh Ladakh

The popular and sparkling blue Pangong Lake is located near Leh-Ladakh in Himalayan region at the height of 4350 meters. The lake is 12 km long and it extends from India to Tibet with two-thirds of it lying in the latter. Owing to the altitude, here the temperature ranges from -5°C to 10°C. This leads to freezing of the lake during the time of winters. 

The unique feature of this lake is that it doesn’t remain blue throughout the day; rather it keeps on changing its color from light blue to grey and green to azure too. The place has been the best attraction for tourists for a long time and it also gained a lot of popularity after being the favorite destination for many film shootings. Crystal clear waters, beauty,and hills of this place are the exceptional example of this landscape.

Homestays and Camping in Pangong

The natural setting of the lake makes this a perfect destination for the adventure lovers. If you want to camp near the lake, consider the option of tenting which is the only best option. The tents are quite cozy, clean as well as comfortable with the meals. Additionally, you can also try homestays where the local households offer accommodation. 

Lake in winters

Winters turn the PangongLake into a snowy and shimmering extravaganza. One can experience the mountains with the sand dominating at one side while snow on the other. The lake gets frozen with the absolute turquoise and you may even walk on the frozen beauty. It doesn’t matter how much sun gets appear as it remains frozen all over. However, the temperature gets drop down to a minimum of -15°Cso make sure to carry loads of warm clothes with you.

Lake and the Bollywood connection

Its natural beauty makes it a favorite destination among the directors for filming as well as shooting. Most of the blockbuster movies have been shot here which include 3 Idiots, Dil Se, Sanam Re, Jab TakHaiJaan, Tashan and Waqt among others. 

Best time to visit the Lake

Visit the Pangong Lake in summer months precisely from June – September as in the winter months because of the extreme conditions of weather and high altitude, the vacation would not be enjoyable as the lake also remains frozen. A visit in the summers will open the avenue to witness different birds as well as other fauna and flora.

How to reach to Pangong Lake?

It is a beautiful 5-hour drive from Leh with the entire route being the epitome of the sensuous beauty. The Pangong Lake falls on the Line of Sino-Indian and it is necessary to get the Inner Line permission. Also, as the lake is located very close to the border, you are allowed to visit only to the Spangmik village. From Leh, you need to pass through Changla Pass and Tangste. Regular buses are also available. Additionally, you may also hire motorbikes, taxis, cars,and jeeps at the reasonable prices. Make sure to keep maximum fuel in your car as no petrol pumps are available in Pangong.

Nearby restaurants

Some of the stalls and eateries are available near the lake selling popular local items such as tea and Maggi. While options of the food are limited, you might find local and famous preparations like Thukpa, a noodle soup, Tsampa, roasted barley and Skyu, a heavy pasta dish with many veggies. Some of the drinks include coffee, beer, tea and Chang which is the alcoholic beverage drunk on the festive occasions.

Tips to remember

While going to Pangong Lake:

• It is advised to carry maximum warm clothes so that you may withstand the cold weather.

• It is the fragile place where littering is considered as a serious offense. Make sure to dispose of the waste.

• Inner Line Permit is necessary if you want to visit the Lake. It is available easily at the Dc’s office in Leh. Also, make sure to carry 5-6 points as you need to submit at various check-points.

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