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Hemis National Park Leh Ladakh

Hemis National Park - Leh Ladakh

In Ladakh, your eyes see the sights which you knew existed but didn’t know where. Mountains filled with snow with the slopes stand next to the lakes which appear beautiful as ever. Hemis National Park is one such place in Ladakh where you’ll get to explore another side of the place. 

Did you ever know that Ladakh is also the home of wildlife and wild vegetation? If you didn’t know this, you are missing something special. Next time, while on a visit to Leh Ladakh with your friends and family, take some time out and explore the place. You’ll get to know what makes this place so special and why every person must visit while on a trip to Ladakh.

Why should you visit the park?

No doubt, the first question crossing your minds would be why to visit? In other words, if there are already so many attractions to keep a person occupied then why go there? But, a visit to Hemis National Park lets you explore another side of Ladakh. Established in 1981, the Park is named after the popular monastery, Hemis Gompa. 

Apart from various landscapes, Ladakh is also the home to 11 species of fauna as well as 30 species of avifauna. The primary attraction of the park is a snow leopard. Another main reason to visit the place is to explore Ladakh vegetation.

Things to explore

There are many things to go through and discover in the park, one of them is the vegetation and not to forget wildlife. The park consists of mostly Western shrubs, pine forests and alpine tundra. There are also the plant species like juniper, dry birch,and fir. If you head towards upper slopes, you’ll get to explore the different kinds of alpine vegetation. 

Another thing to explore in Hemis National Park is different types of animal species. However, prime attractions include Snow Leopard and Shapu Sheep, two species which cannot be found anywhere else in India. While experiencing the park, you’ll explore various animals such as Ladakhi Urial, Bharal as well as Tibetan Sheep. Some of the other endangered species include Tibetan Wolf, Brown Bear and Red Fox among others.

Special attractions

The snow leopard and shapu sheep are the special attractions of the park and it is because they cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Apart from both of these, it is also the home to other species such as Red Fox, Brown Bear and Tibetan Wolf.

Best time to visit the place

If you are planning a visit to Hemis National Park, do it between the months of May and early October. After October, most of the roads are used generally for safaris on the jeep and also the trekking gets blocked due to heavy rainfall.

How to reach the park from Leh?

After reaching back to Leh via flight, you can reach the Hemis National Park via road through the private vehicle or bus. Many buses travel from Leh to Hemis National Park on regular basis. However, if you want to be little adventurous, you may trek from the village of Spituk which is below Leh and pass through Markha and Zongchen Valleys to reach the park.

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