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Backwater Tour Packages Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is a land blessed by nature and the lakes in Ladakh are simply a case in point. There’s something awe-inspiring in the sight of beautiful blue waters reflecting the intensity of skies set against the backdrop of snow filled mountains and sweeping plains.This is exactly something that bursts on you the first time you set your eyes on lakes and valleys in Ladakh. It doesn’t matter how many times you see, it never ceases to amaze you with unobtrusive beauty and subtle simplicity. If you are headed towards LehLadakh, you can’t miss visiting the lakes in Ladakh. They are the essential part of a landscape and play the essential role in blessing land with variety and add to the vibrancy.

There are many lakes and valleys in LehLadakh, most of them which do not have the documented names. Of all these lakes, the Moriri Lake and Pangong Lake are perhaps known the best and attract tourists every season.

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With LehLadakh backwater tour packages, enjoy the majestic scenery without the hassle of the crowd. The adventure that the lakes present make every moment spent around them a memorable experience and the opportunity of photography you get to satisfy the soul.

While the lakes can be visited individually and one day at a time, there’s also the option of visiting by planning a Ladakh lake trek. This type of trek will involve trekking from one to another over a period of the week or 10 days. This not only gives you the chance to enjoy various lakes but also introduce you to various other attractions of Ladakh.

Here’s presenting some of the beautiful lakes in Ladakh:

Pangong Tso

It is the famous one among most of them in LehLadakh. The lake is 150 km long and extends to both India and China. Set against the backdrop of golden plains, blue skies, and snow-filled peaks, Pangong Tso seems to be magical. The factor that makes this lake different from others is that the lake never freezes. The lake is also famous for the ever-changing colors of water. 

With LehLadakh backwater tour packages, you may explore the beautiful Pangong Lake, or you can also rent a car or bike for yourself in LehLadakh.

Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri, which means ‘Mountain Lake’, is a glacial lake which is located high in the mountains of Ladakh of Changthang Plateau. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh and one should not miss it while on a tour to LehLadakh.

The high altitude of Tso Moriri means that the lake can be accessed during the months of summer and you’ll see many tourists enjoying the sight during that time.

Tso Kar

Situated on the Rupshu Plateau in Southern Ladakh, it is the breath-taking lake renowned for its depth and size. The lake is unique but is not featured the most on Ladakh itineraries. 

The lake is heavily saline with nettles, weeds and other lake plants. Though Tso Kar is not as large as Tso Moriri or Pangong Tso, its strength lies in the serenity.

Visit Tso Kar with LehLadakh backwater tour packages and enjoy the wonderful experience.

Chagar Tso

Situated en route to Pangong Tso, it is one of the many small lakes in LehLadakh which add beauty to the Ladakhi landscape. The lake is fed by the glacial waters and can be seen sparkling in the sun all day long. 

You can easily incorporate a visit to the lake while on a trip to Pangong Tso. Spending a peaceful time on the banks will refresh and relax your body after a long ride.

Nyak Tso

The lake is the small yet delightful one situated in the upper range of Himalayas. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall within Indian borders but in Tibet, 30 km far from Rudog in LehLadakh. 

Visit to the lake might get complicated because of the border issues but if done right, it can give you the lifetime experience. Visit the Nyak Tso with Leh Ladakh backwater tour packages and enjoy the experience.

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