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Spa And Wellness Tour Packages Leh Ladakh

Stress is very dangerous for health and dealing with the same can be time-consuming. Only a few of us can spend an hour a day doing yoga or meditation. Whether you have got three kids or demanding career, staying stress-free and healthy can seem like the impossible puzzle but here is the solution, spend the days you planned for a gateway in pure relaxation and recovery with the quality spa holidays.

The spa and wellness tour packages help to decrease the stress in the body to make you feel relaxed while on your tour to LehLadakh. From physically kneading out the knots and stress with massage to eating well and beautifying, a quality trip covers everything and will make you feel calm.

Why is stress dangerous?

It can leave the negative effects on the human body mentally, physically and for the long term which isn’t good. Keep in mind that it’s not the short-term issues that are the issue but the long-term ones.

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Relax on your vacation

Vacations are time to relax, have fun and stress-free living with the people who mean a lot to you. Camping can provide the perfect mixture of fun activities and quiet serenity that you truly need to relax and enjoy on vacations. Unfortunately, with busy lives that we all have when we aren’t camping, sometimes the looming responsibilities and stress can carry over into the precious vacation time. Here are some of the ways to relax with spa and wellness tour packages to make sure you make the most of every minute.

Look for the heart-pounding adventure

Thrills are simple to find in Ladakh, whether you do it with rafting, hiking peaks or climbing the mountains amidst breath-taking landscapes of beautiful rugged beauty. From a quiet drift to the wilderness to the white journey down the rapids, the rivers of Ladakh are meant to give you the amazing experience of rafting.

Discover LehLadakh in a new way on your next spa holidays by trekking along in the regions such as Markha Valley, Lamayuru, Shayok Valley and Stok-Khangri. Go on a Ladakh tour today to experience all sorts of adventure activities that the region offers. After experiencing trekking, relax with spa and wellness tour packages to Leh.

Go for the spiritual tour to monasteries

Satisfy your spiritual sense by taking a trip to the ethereal world of Ladakh. Monasteries are not only the spiritual spaces but also the magnificent architectural pieces hidden in the landscapes of beauty. Calm yourself in the monasteries such as Thiksey, Hemic, Shey Gompa, Gompa Soma and Sumda Chun. These are the centres of Buddhist culture and heritage and house rare exquisite stone carvings, wall paintings, and ancient thankas, inscriptions, antique pieces, murals, and artifacts.

Celebrate the festivals with the locals

What can be more relaxing than this? On your spa holidays, get indulge with the Ladakhese who come together for many festivals to celebrate their unique culture and identity. All of them offer theatre, dance and folk opera characterized by the local legends that have been passed on the generations for many centuries.

Relax in the spa center

After a hectic day, find the best massage parlor for you or take spa and wellness tour packages to relax after taking a tour to various places in LehLadakh.

Camp beside the Tso-Moriri Lake

A gentle sound of the mountain lake, the smell of grass in the mountain air, the rustle of the breeze through the alpine leaves, the sight of ducks swimming in the lake, and night sky lit by bright stars – enjoy the peaceful evening in the tent.

Spot exotic and rare wildlife species

Ladakh’s mountain ranges and wilderness makes it a haven for many rare and endangered species like Lynx, Snow Leopard, blue sheep, cats, Tibetan Argali, Marmot, finches, Red fox, etc. If you have patience, you might see the rare species in their habitat while on spa holidays.

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